Best Cities in Tennessee for Young Professionals

Every generation has its way but young professionals in general look for the same things everywhere in the world.

Opportunities for career growth, a good home-work balance, affordability, healthy lifestyle, and family-friendly atmosphere are their top priorities.

Those who choose Tennessee will be happy to learn that this state satisfies these priorities and offers much more. In the following article, we’re exploring some of the best cities (and neighborhoods) in Tennessee appealing to young professionals.

Best cities in Tennessee popular among young professionals

What makes a city ideal for a young professional? There are numerous factors analysts take into account before making a list.

The most important, however, are median earnings and gross rent, job diversity and labor force participation rate, the unemployment rate for residents ages 25-34, as well as the number of all entertainment establishments.

It doesn’t surprise that several cities in Tennessee have emerged as ideal destinations for those who wish to invest in career and personal growth:

  1. Nashville
  2. Murfreesboro
  3. Clarksville
  4. Knoxville
  5. Chattanooga
  6. Memphis

So, get ready to pack your travel gadgets and read on.

1. Nashville

Panoramic view of Nashville at sunset

A fast-growing and welcoming city, Nashville has risen above its artistic reputation. It is not only interesting to musicians anymore; this city is also becoming a hub for many other young experts.

Numerous methodologies have determined that Nashville is among the 20 best cities in the US and the first in Tennessee for young professionals.

The ever-rising living costs go hand in hand with its growing popularity. However, those who choose to work in Nashville do not necessarily decide to live downtown.

Numerous neighborhoods and suburbs we’ll mention later are a perfectly satisfying choice.

2. Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro has kept a small-town feel while still being within driving distance of Nashville. Those who call this city home admire its continuous growth. Thanks to the regular influx of new residents, new construction is imminent and rents are about to come down.

Many business opportunities make this city an ideal location for young professionals. This college city is big enough to navigate easily but not overwhelming for its residents.

3. Clarksville

Money Magazine has voted Clarksville the best place to live in the States for a reason. It is a place where its residents can thrive and save money at the same time. Affordability doesn’t come with a downside.

It is an ideal location for those who prefer to start their own business as there are already thriving locally-owned businesses in the city. The city also offers numerous family-friendly amenities.

4. Knoxville

Sunsphere landmark tower in Knoxville

Knoxville is a safe, quiet, and clean little city despite its constantly growing population and a vast number of job opportunities. It is a perfect spot to start married life and settle down once you have secured a job.

The city offers nature trails and various outdoor opportunities, family-friendly, and student-friendly restaurants and activities.

There isn’t any big city pressure, noise, or pollution which the environmentally-conscious generation greatly appreciates. Lenoir City, a suburb of Knoxville, is one of the best places in Tennessee for young professionals in the area.

If you wish to move to a new city without difficulties, giving Knoxville a chance is a good decision.

5. Chattanooga

Cordial and friendly people of Chattanooga make this city feel even better than it already is. More than a hundred thousand residents call this city home and, statistically speaking, almost one fifth are young people between 25 and 34.

Whether you decide to settle downtown or in Red Bank, one of Chattanooga suburbs, you will enjoy outdoor river walk trails, healthy (and tasty) food options, baseball and soccer games, and numerous musical events throughout the year.

6. Memphis

Young people walking down Beale Street in Memphis

Walking in Memphis will make you feel passionate about this city and likely persuade you to move here in search of job opportunities. It is a historic town offering something for everybody’s taste.

Numerous corporations and job openings make it one of the best cities in Tennessee for young professionals. Notably, Elvis Presley relocated to Memphis too and started a world-renowned career. No reason why you shouldn’t do it as well.

Memphis is a very diverse city and Millington, its suburb, is a good place to grow roots. The city brims with welcoming people and it is easy to make friends after the move. A variety of festivals, concerts, and parades greatly helps.

Nashville suburbs likely to enchant young professionals

Nashville is a fast-growing city that is constantly evolving. It is famous for attracting young people who follow their dreams. If you are among those who decided to call the Nashville area your new home, make sure you direct your Best Cross Country Movers to one of these suburbs:

  • Kingston Springs
  • Springfield
  • Smyrna
  • Goodlettsville
  • Pleasant View
  • White Bluff
  • Ashland City
  • Fairview
  • Gallatin
  • Lebanon

These places offer affordable housing to young professionals and are within short driving distance from downtown Nashville. Affordable housing also provides a chance for real estate investment to young adults for a more passive income.

Also, affordability of these suburbs allows professionals at the beginning of their careers to manipulate their earnings and savings and secure a more satisfying lifestyle.

Job opportunities in the Nashville area are the greatest by far. It means that professionals can find a better-paying career choice more easily, and become financially stable in a short amount of time. The trends are continuous and show regular inflow of young job-seekers.

Some Final thoughts

Southern hospitality is only one thing that makes cities in Tennessee so attractive to young professionals. Ample job opportunities in fast-growing cities full of activity lead to a vibrant lifestyle. But that is not all. Wherever you relocate for work, you should take the local lifestyle into account.

Some of the best cities in Tennessee for young professionals offer a good work-life balance. Enjoying outdoor activities is guaranteed, having in mind amazing Tennessee landscapes.

Also, living in a state of music sets a rhythm that, in general, appeals greatly to the younger generation.

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