Places to Visit After Moving to Carrollton, TX

While there are plenty of fun indoor activities for the whole family that you can do in your free time after moving to the beautiful city of Carrollton, TX.

You will also certainly want to become acquainted with some of its appealing attractions. Luckily, this city offers a plethora of such attractions.

To help you choose just a few, at least for the time being, we have made this list of the best places to visit after moving to Carrollton. Without further ado, find out what you shouldn’t miss seeing.

Moving to Carrollton, TX

Before we start describing all the best places to visit after moving to Carrollton, we should alert you of the danger of moving there without help from qualified professionals, such as the ones working for Small World Moving Texas.

Sometimes, people decide to move on their own, only to find out the hard way how tricky it is to handle the relocation procedure without professional assistance. Unfortunately, moving takes a lot of time, as it consists of several very time-consuming aspects.

Packing, organizing the logistics of the move, shipping your items – these are just some of the things that will drain you of time and energy.

Additional difficulties can arise due to a number of other factors. For instance, you may need to disassemble large items such as a couch or a pool table.

For professional movers, who have done this many times, this isn’t an issue, but for other people, it usually is.

Luckily, changing neighborhoods is simple with reliable professionals at your side, and changing cities or even states isn’t much harder. Good movers are also affordable, so there’s no need to go through the painstaking relocation process alone.

Places to visit after moving to Carrollton, TX

After you have found the right movers and relocated to Carrollton, it’s time to visit some amazing locations. Choosing just 5 places to visit after moving to Carrollton wasn’t easy, but after a lot of consideration, here is what we have come up with.

Oran Good Park

Let’s begin with something everyone likes – a beautiful park!

You can have a great time in Oran Good Park, no matter if you want to spend some quiet time with your family or if you’re interested in sports or exercising in the open green.

Along with lovely natural attractions, here you can find well-kept softball and baseball courts.

A great softball court is one of the many reasons why this park is one of the best places to visit after moving to Carrollton.

The park is very clean, excellently maintained, and is frequented by lots of people, so this is a great place for you to spend some quality time with your kids, as well as for them to meet new young friends.

The Historic Downtown

This is one of the locations in Carrollton with the most pleasant vibe in town. It is an ideal place to spend an amazing evening. You can take a walk and see the sights first.

There’s a cute square and a lovely gazebo to see, as well as the beautiful architecture that isn’t exactly hip today but hasn’t lost its appeal, mostly due to its evergreen design that continues to amaze the spectators.

After seeing the sights, you can do some shopping at one of the nice antique shops here. Or, you can treat yourself to a nice meal in one of the many authentic restaurants.

After taking a relaxing walk, a fine meal in a delightful atmosphere seems like a great way to end your visit.

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Apart from Oran Good Park, another great location for kids in Carrollton is this neat amusement park.

Parents can also enjoy their visit, if not by taking part in the fun activities along with their kids, then by bringing some food and having a relaxing picnic with the entire family.

Enjoy a fun Ferris wheel in this great amusement park!

The Sandy Lake Amusement Park itself is one of the best in Texas. There are pony rides, a Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, and lots of other attractions that will keep you and your kids busy and well-entertained.

Great bumper cars and paddle boats are especially suitable for people of all ages who are looking to have some fun while forgetting about the worries of everyday life.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Although it is not located directly in Carrollton, in a town called Addison, this museum can be reached after a short, 10-minute drive.

Given that it is located so close to Carrollton, there is no reason not to take this drive and enjoy a unique museum that will easily fill your day with awe and wonder.

Schedule a ride in one of the vintage aircraft and have the time you won’t forget soon!

The main attractions of the museum are excellently preserved aircraft, some of which are dated 100 years into the past.

Apart from the civilian planes, aircraft from the two World Wars, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are also featured.

Apart from offering a well-rounded aircraft history along with some exquisite sights, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum also offers a great chance to take a ride in some of these planes.

You will have to schedule the ride(s) in advance though, which we definitely recommend if you’re up for an exciting adventure up in the air.

A. W. Perry Homestead

The last place on our list of the locations to visit in Carrollton offers a lovely chance to become acquainted with the history of your new home. And a rich history that is.

This homestead was preserved and turned into a place where the past of this part of Texas is not forgotten. Here, you can see how everyday life looked like in the days of old.

Nowadays, we are often busy with the demands of fast living, but it can be enlightening to see how a quieter life looked like back in the day.

And if these 5 places to visit after moving to Carrollton are not enough, we’ll quickly mention two more. The Rosemeade Recreation Center and the Addison Circle Park are both very attractive locations to visit and spend a relaxing day outdoors.

One way to enjoy these two locations is to bring some food and relax in the shade of their beautiful greenery.

The other is to get some physical activity, by taking a walk, cycling, playing basketball or volleyball, or hitting the gym. Whatever you do, having a fun time is guaranteed.

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