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Best Practices for Healthy Clean Teeth

At a very young age, you start getting drilled on how to take care of your teeth. Even schools have often adopted practicing good oral hygiene, even if it’s hard to do at home.

Most people know that you should brush a couple of times a day, but there are certain things that people do which are often mistakes. In this guide to teach you how to maintain the best practices for happy healthy teeth, we’re going to let you know how you too can take the best care of your pearly whites.

Don’t Use Too Much Abrasives

Dr. Yen’s office says one big mistake that people make is using harsh chemicals and abrasive toothpastes on their teeth. The brushes and bristles are good enough in most cases to maintain a happy smile. Another thing they do that is in this category is brush their teeth too long. Two minutes for your whole mouth is all you need – not each section.

Swish Before and After

One thing you can do to ensure that you’re loosening up the plaque, getting it off, and then getting your mouth completely clean and free of bacteria is the double-rinsing method. Using a mouthwash, rinse your mouth out before you brush your teeth. This also acts by loosening and even helping to break down particles of food, plaque, and bacteria in the mouth before you brush. Then you can brush, and once you’re done rinsing the toothpaste out of your mouth, go ahead and use a mouthwash again.

Fluoride is Your Friend

Most people don’t realize that fluoride is healthy for our teeth. While there have been scares by the media in the past, your teeth greatly benefit by fluoride. You need to know that your water has it in it, and you also want to ensure that all of your dental hygiene products have them as well.

Try to Avoid Whiteners

As we get older, our teeth discolor more easily from food and drinks, smoking, and other things we do. While there are a lot of tooth whiteners on the market, some of them are rather harsh, and can actually deteriorate your tooth enamel. Therefore, if you absolutely need whitening done, visit a dentist, or only use a dental approved method of whitening your teeth.

Dental Hygiene Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

One thing that people think, is that in order to have the best care for their teeth, they have to spend top dollar on products that promote the best treatment for their dental health. The truth is, all dental hygiene products usually have fluoride in them and promote dental health.


You want to ensure that you floss after each meal or before you brush. Some people say you should floss three times a day. It’s been proven though, that sometimes you can get away with flossing a couple of times a day or even once (primarily at night). However, you may want to invest in something like Trident sugar-free gum in order to help you get loose particles out from between your teeth.

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