8 Hot Jewelry Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2021

Winter jewelry trends change with every passing year because different styles in the fashion world complement the various types of jewelry better. This year is no different and there are plenty of new (and old) trends to keep in mind while you get dressed this season.

If you’re one to keep up with current trends, in jewelry or otherwise, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re outlining the most popular jewelry trends for 2021. Keep reading to learn more.

Winter 2021 Jewelry Trends

Trending jewelry in 2021 looks just a little bit different than previous years. Although, there are some timeless pieces that will always make the cut.

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1. Timeless Pearls

Pearls have been trending all year and will continue into the winter season through 2021. No matter your style, there is a pearl for you. From traditional cultured pearls to silhouettes in necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets, you’ll find the right fit.

2. Charming With Charms

Pandora will be popular this year along with any other charm maker. Charms represent spirituality, love, and of course, luck, so you can never go wrong with making a statement to express yourself. 

3. Featuring Creatures!

2020 brought the scene of bees, ladybugs, and beetles to our precious jewelry collections but this winter you can also get away with spiders and spider webs. Look for them on brooches, earrings, and charms.

4. Hoops Are Here to Stay

2021 trending jewelry has also seen the uptick of hoop earrings again. While this trend is usually on again/off again, this year, it’s on. Think elegant and simple rather than large and outspoken.

5. Button Earrings Are a Thing Now

If you’ve been keeping up with fashion shows this year, you may have noticed a trend that is buttons! Designers are playing with elegant and sophisticated looks that will last all winter long. 

6. Stars for Those Starry Winter Nights

Star jewelry has been making waves for several seasons and it’s not going anywhere soon. Pendants and earrings are especially popular and can be featured on black or dark backgrounds. 

7. The Everlasting Chain

Chains are one of those jewelry items that never go out of style for their various types, makes, and sizes. This year, they’re even making their way into the earring category so keep your eyes out for that unique set that will make a statement.

8. Diamonds – Need We Say More?

2021 jewelry trends would never go off without a hitch if there weren’t diamonds to round out the bunch. No matter the size, shape, or cut, a diamond is forever and 2021 is just beginning.

What Are Your Favorite Winter Jewelry Trends

These winter jewelry trends are making waves in the fashion community and will have an impact on what you wear this season. So, what’s your favorite trend this year, and why? We’d love for you to browse our “Beauty and Lifestyle” column to help you decide.

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