How to Apply Eyelash Extensions: A Beginner’s Guide

Did you know that the false eyelash market will be worth a whopping $1.6 billion by 2025?

There’s no doubt that the world has fallen in love with longer, fuller lashes! Just a decade or two ago, a swipe of mascara and you were good to go, but not anymore.

While we absolutely love huge lashes, extensions are super expensive and, for lots of people, that kind of beauty budget just isn’t feasible. If you can’t justify spending so much but you still want lashes that Kylie Jenner would be proud to wear, you can actually do them yourself!

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions in this guide.

Benefits of DIY Lash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions applied by a professional look incredible, but are very pricey. But, if you apply your own extensions at home you can cut the costs drastically and end up with super long, fluttery eyelashes. Although your look might not be quite as dramatic as you can expect from a salon, it’ll still be a lot more than a tube of mascara could ever do (and for the price, who can complain?).

Why Opt for Extensions Over False Lashes?

You’ll notice that the process of applying eyelash extensions isn’t too different from individual false lashes. The main step you’ll switch up is the glue, which will be a lot stronger than you’re used to. With this glue, your lashes should last much longer than just a night; in fact, they should stick around for at least a week, if not longer!

You can start to see why extensions are so popular. After you’ve applied yours, you don’t have to worry about mascara and can wake up every morning looking fabulous, which is basically everyone’s dream! I woke up like this has never been so true.

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

When creating your long lashes at home, you’ll need an eyelash extension kit. This should include a permanent lash glue (stronger than the stuff you’d apply falsies with) and a lash glue remover. Be sure to get the remover rather than skip it, or your real lashes could come off with the extensions when it’s time to take them off!

You’ll also need a pair of tweezers and some individual lashes in different lengths. If you’re not sure which lengths you’ll need, get short, medium, and long and play around with different sizes until you find a look you love. Now onto the instructions:

  1. Pull out the lashes you’ll be using and arrange them so you’re ready to go
  2. Take a lash in your tweezers
  3. Hold the tweezers in one hand and your glue in the other
  4. Start slowly pouring the glue until it’s almost coming out and dip the ball of the lash straight into it
  5. Place the lash on top of your natural lash, starting at the outside of your eye
  6. Adjust the last in the first minute after applying it, before it sets
  7. As you apply your lashes, gently push down with your tweezers closed every so often to ensure they’re sticking to your lashes

That’s it! It can be a bit tricky to get right the first time around but once you’ve got the hang of it, eyelash extension application really isn’t that hard. 

Top Tips 

There are plenty of top tips that can help you get your lashes just right. The first is to always make sure you’re glueing the extensions to your lash, and not your skin. If you glue them to your skin, expect irritation and a less natural look. 

For a more dramatic look, use glue that dries black instead of clear. This will get you darker, fuller looking lashes and will make the glue less visible; a win-win! Use as little glue as you can, too, to stop your lashes from looking clumpy.

When it comes to eyelash extension styles, there are plenty to pick from. If you want a natural eyelash extension, aim to use only short lashes or even mini lashes, with only one or two medium lashes at the outer edges of your eyes. 

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Taking care of your lashes once they’re on is just as important as the application if you want to keep them looking lovely! After applying them, make sure not to touch them or apply mascara for at least 4 hours, giving them plenty of time to set. It’s also a good idea to try to sleep on your back and not crush your face into your pillow.

A mascara brush will be your best friend in the mornings! You can use it to brush out your lashes, making sure they’re all pointing in the right direction and look fabulous. 

Be super gentle with your extensions at all times, even when washing your face. Avoid rubbing your eyes at all costs, and don’t use waterproof mascara as this will be so much harder to get off! 

If you want your lashes to last longer, invest in a quality cleanser like this product. Oil-free and natural, it’s gentle on skin and lashes while effectively removing your makeup. This is perfect for professionals to offer to clients, too.

Start Your New Eyelash Extension Journey

Learning how to apply eyelash extensions isn’t actually too difficult, and it’s well worth it for the money you’re going to save at the salon. Remember, though, that if you’re looking for a professional finish then the salon is always the best bet.

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