How to Cover Up a Tattoo with Makeup

Tattoos are amazing works of art that get to adorn our bodies, and I believe you know how tattoo machine operates. Though there are temporary tattoos, there are also the permanent ones that adorn the skin for your whole lifetime.

These tattoos get drawn as a symbol of something, a memory of someone or something, or you can get one done for fun. The problem comes in when you require to attend an event or even a job interview that is quite strict on tattoo art.

The great news is that even with tattoos being permanent, you get to cover them up with a lot of ease and no worries. When you do not want to show off your tattoo, you can easily cover up with some makeup and hide it for that duration. Here are a few steps you get to follow and get the best unnoticeable tattoo cover-up.

How to Cover Up a Tattoo with Makeup

Clean up your skin

Before starting on your makeup cover-up for the tattoo, it is a great idea to clean the tattooed area. Depending on the size of the tattoo, the cleansing methods do vary. For the small tattoos, you can use some facial wash or a wet wipe or a cotton pad, and for larger tattoos, have a shower.

You can dab the cotton pad in some alcohol to cleanse the skin, and it also disinfects the tattooed area. Also, unless the tattoo is healed you should avoid using makeup on it since this may cause an infection. Always ensure that the tattooed area is free of any beauty products or lotion.

Prime the tattooed area

After cleaning the area you wish to cover up, you should now start prepping your skin for the makeup cover-up. You start with a primer that helps you ensure there is a smooth base for the application of the other products.

The primer also helps in keeping your tattoo cover-up intact for the whole day. If you have oily skin, the primer becomes very helpful. Get a pea-sized amount using your finger and apply it on the tattoo.

Make sure you get a primer that is compatible with your skin.

Apply a color corrector

If your tattoo is dark, you may think of using a color corrector after the primer before you get into more in-depth makeup details, but this is optional.

For colored tattoos, you can use the orange color over the blue colored tattoos and use red for dark black ink. Apply the orange color concealer directly with a brush and do not apply it outside the tattoo borders.

The orange or red color corrector helps in neutralizing how dark the tattoo is and allows it to blend in with your skin. You can then dust some translucent powder that is the appropriate shade for your skin. Apply the powder on the entire tattoo to keep the color corrector reliable and avoid any stickiness.

Put on some foundation

Your skin tone will matter in this case, therefore get the foundation that is a perfect match and will blend in with your skin tone. You can get the spray-on foundation that provides plenty of skin coverage or use your fingers to dab the cream or liquid foundation on your skin.

Get a makeup blender to blend the foundation and to give you the desired seamless finish that you are after. Use the makeup blender and go round in circles over the tattoo, and you can take it a bit beyond the tattoo.

Conceal your tattoo

After covering up the whole tattoo, the next step is the use of a concealer. Get a shade that carefully blends in with your skin color. You use the makeup blender in this stage and dab the concealer on top of your foundation product and ensure even the edges get entirely concealed. The use of concealer will help even out the texture and the color of your foundation.

Use a setting spray to spritz your makeup

After all these steps, you can now take a look at your work in the mirror. If needed, you can use some more coverage on the tattooed area if the tattoo does not get well covered up.

For the final stage, you would want the makeup to last long, so use a few spritzes, and your tattoo will get completely covered up for a long time.


Maybe you have an official event coming up or a job interview, and you need something to do the trick for you, then worry not. With all these steps at hand, you get to go out confidently without worrying that people will be suspicious of your tattoos.

Just get the right products that blend in with your skin type.

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