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How to Form the Best Productive Habits

We must understand how habits work in order to embrace the best habits. There are good habits and bad habits. We all want to go for good habits. The ability to focus on good habits lies in the willpower of a person.

We need to understand the willpower first; then, we can enjoy the effectiveness of good habits. So, let us go straight to tips from on how to embrace productive habits.

Taking small actions tricks your brain

Willpower is the ability to outdo all the temptations and enjoy long term benefits other than focusing on short term pleasures when making the decisions. The decisions you make have consequences, and it is through the decisions that habits start to develop while other habits are dropped.

For example, a person following a specific diet can avoid unwanted food so easily. However, there are moments we go through, such as making hard decisions at work. In the end, it becomes so hard to resist some food even though they aren’t okay with the diet.

It is hard to start forming habits because the moment you start the journey of transforming habits, you must do away with the willpower, as explained above.

However, the best part is that we are mammals, and our brains can always think for the future. We can understand how our actions can affect our future through changing careers, getting a new job, or even learning new skills.

Ways to Form the Best Productive Habits

Making actions easier

We must do away with our lazy habits and engage in constructive activities. All this can be achieved by training our brains to act, exploit new opportunities, and engage in positive activities rather than going with what nature directs us to do.

Make the goals small and realistic

We all look forward to setting up bigger goals. However, there is nothing fulfilling, like setting up small goals that we can easily accomplish. It is quite easier to succeed with small goals other than engaging in bigger goals, which are hard to achieve.

Be specific

When you are specific with your habits, you get instant feedback because you focus on the specific thing you want to engage in.

For example, instead of generalizing about eating a healthy diet, go ahead, and specify the type of healthy meals, you want to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This way, you are likely to form the habit in an easy manner.

Know the Period it will take

A habit is something that takes time. It doesn’t happen instantly. So, to embrace the idea, it is recommendable to understand the time it will take to achieve the habit. As for the research, it takes about 21 days for a habit to be formed. Therefore, be ready to be patient, and the habits take place.


We all yearn to engage in positive habits. However, we have to remember that forming such habits require time, dedication, and patience.

Productive habits are beneficial to our lives. It can be about exercise, dieting, sleeping patterns, among others. Whichever the case it is, we have to ensure we engage in positive habits that will help us in our daily lives.

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