These Are the Signs You’re Falling in Love With Someone

Love is a tricky thing. Technically speaking, love is thought to be a combination of lust, attraction, and attachment. But when our brains are flooded with happiness chemicals at the beginning of our interactions with a new partner it can be hard to tell what’s what.

How often do we mistake lust for love? Or dive right in because the newly found affection fills an unwanted hole? Understanding the signs you’re falling in love is important. And so is understanding the signs that something might just feel a lot like love.

If you think that you might be falling in love with someone then this short guide could help you know for sure.

Signs You’re Falling in Love With Someone

Always on Your Mind

When you meet that special someone it’s normal to be thinking about them all the time. You might head out to the shops and end up coming back with something for them. You might get a few hours into your day and feel the need to call them because it’s been a while since you last spoke.

When you’re falling in love your focus shifts towards that person. If you just like someone then your hobbies and day-to-day tasks will usually distract you from the thought of them. When it’s love they will always be at the back of your mind like a buzzing spark of energy.


When it’s love than the desire for affection often trumps sex. If you lust after someone then your thinking of them is often in synch with your sex drive. Your thoughts about them are often sexually orientated.

This is certainly true of love too, but when you’re falling in love with someone there is often a softer, more romantic hue to your thoughts. Someone like a love coach could help you distinguish between the two.

Time Flies

One thing that’s a sure giveaway that you’ve met ‘the one’ is that time disappears far too quickly. You might be spending the day together and it feels like half an hour when 5-6 hours have gone by.

Perhaps you start talking after a meal over a glass of wine and the next thing you know the sun is coming up. If you’re losing track of time with your partner then it means that you’re enjoying each other’s company.

Thinking Ahead

Your thoughts are likely to shift towards the future. If you’ve met the one, then your plans are going to want to include them. When you think of holidays and even just planning next week, if you find your partner being a big part of those plans then they might be the one.

Life Is Easy

When you’re in love, life feels easy. You might not have the greatest job, or you might have stressors in your life. But when you’re in love all these things become easily manageable.

Love gives you a new focus and it can make life very enjoyable!

Have You Spotted Any of These Signs You’re Falling in Love?

If you’ve spotted any of these signs you’re falling in love then there’s a good chance you have. It’s important to be aware that sometimes some things can feel better than they are, but that doesn’t last.

Lust and love are often confused, and sometimes we might just need someone close to us. But deep down if we look with an open heart, we all know the difference.

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