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What Causes Split Ends? 7 Ways You Might Be Causing More Damage to Your Locks

Are you tired of finding split ends all throughout your hair? Split ends can cause your hair to look frizzy and unhealthy. Split ends might also make it more difficult to style your hair and get the results you want.

Rather than walking around with damaged hair and split ends, you should know what causes split ends so you can then avoid making the same hair mistakes. Once you’re able to create a healthy hair routine for yourself, you can then correct your split ends and prevent them from coming back.

Are you ready to improve your hair and say goodbye to hair breakage? Continue reading below to find out everything you need to know!

Causes Split Ends? 7 Ways You Might Be Causing More Damage to Your Locks

1. Drying It Improperly

The way you try your hair is a crucial step to preventing hair breakage and split ends. When you hop out of the shower or step out of the pool, how do you treat your hair? What steps do you take to dry your hair?

Most people will grab a large cotton bath or beach towel and wrap their hair up in it. Walking around with a cotton towel wrapped around your hair places a lot of weight on your hair. This can cause damage.

Cotton is also a poor choice of material for drying hair. A microfiber towel will dry your hair quicker and won’t pull down on it as a cotton towel would.

Do you use the towel to squeeze and shake the water out of your hair as well? This is another way you might be causing more damage to your hair. After showering, gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair with your hands instead.

You should also refrain from using a hot blow dryer to dry your hair. Every once in a while when in a hurry, it’s okay to do so, but you don’t want to make it a habit. Instead, use the cool air setting and dry it gradually.

2. Applying Heat Often

Take a few minutes to think about how often you apply heat to your hair. How many times a week do you blow-dry your hair on the hot setting? How often do you curl or straighten your hair?

Look inside your cabinet at all your different hair-styling tools that use heat. These are all causing damage to and split ends in your hair. Try your best to use other methods to style your hair that don’t rely on heat.

Heat-free curlers are one option you have. If you must apply heat to your hair, then make sure you’re applying a heat protectant to your hair before styling it. The right products could save your hair from severe damage.

3. Avoiding Haircuts

Even without using heat on your hair often, time will cause your hair to grow split ends. Even the healthiest of hair needs a nice cut every so often. As your hair grows, the ends grow old and will need a trim.

A simple trim is all you need to keep your hair in good health and to remove the split ends. If you want to grow your hair out, you don’t have to worry about having to cut it short. Even when growing it out, you should still get regular trims to keep it healthy.

Schedule a hair appointment with your stylist every 3-4 months for the best results.

4. Washing Too Often

There’s nothing like getting out of the shower with freshly-washed hair. That clean hair feeling is like no other, but you should do your best to only wash your hair every other day or every other couple of days. Washing your hair too often can cause more damage.

Your hair is most fragile when it’s wet, making it more susceptible to damages. Washing your hair also strips it of its natural oils, which can dry out your hair and scalp. Everyone’s hair is different so you’ll need to find a washing schedule that works well for you.

If you have oily hair, then you might be able to get away with washing it more often. If you have dry hair, try to go a few days in between washes unless a wash is necessary.

5. Brushing When Wet

As stated above, your hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet. You must take great care to be extra gentle with it during these moments. If you tend to brush your hair while it’s wet, then this is something you’ll want to avoid doing in the future.

Brushing your hair while it’s wet can rip your hair out, cause other damages, and lead to more split ends. Wait until your hair is completely dry to then brush through it. You can also consider using a conditioning product in your hair once it dries and before brushing through it to avoid tangles.

6. Abusing Chemical Treatments

People receive chemical treatments on their hair for several different reasons. Although you might enjoy the effects of getting a chemical treatment, you must avoid abusing these types of treatments. Even if the treatment claims to be doing something good for your hair, too many chemicals will cause damage.

Speak with your hairstylist about an appropriate amount of times you should receive that type of treatment each month or year. You should also do some of your own research about it as well.

7. Soaking Up Too Much Sun

Too much sun can cause sun damage to your hair. It can give you a sunburn on your scalp and also dry out your scalp and hair. If you’re planning a day out in the sun, then be sure to tie your hair up and under a hat or use products specifically made to protect your hair from the sun.

There are also vitamins for hair that you can take to keep it healthy no matter what your lifestyle looks like.

Do You Know What Causes Split Ends on Your Hair?

After reading through this guide, do you now know what causes split ends on your hair? If you’re doing any of these things to your hair on a regular basis, then it may be time to start making a few changes. Be sure to use the information given here to create a hair-care routine that’ll leave your hair healthy!

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