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An Overview of Rubbish Types

If you analyses the various type of rubbish that you discard from your home every day, you will notice that all are not the same. Some are wet, some are dry, and some are even safe for the environment.

Most of you may be aware of how some rubbish wastes can be recycled. This is why not all the wastes can be dumped together. You need to segregate the different types of rubbish in different skips and then get rid of them so that it makes it easier for others to understand which ones are meant for recycling and which ones are not.

When you book a skip, it is important for you to understand the types of rubbish you wish to discard. This will make it easier for you to choose the right type of skip for the waste. There are several items that cannot be thrown in just any skip. These include chemicals, poisons, food scraps, oil and wet paint, and explosive materials.

On the other hand, there are some types of rubbish that can be included in mixed rubbish or general rubbish skips. These include tires, mattresses, e-waste items, and LPG cylinders. These items can easily be placed on top of other types of rubbish.

Types of Rubbish

Talking about rubbish, there are several types of wastes. When you hire rubbish skips, you need to hire the right type for the type of rubbish you wish to discard. Some of the common types of rubbishes have been mentioned below.

1. General Rubbish:

As the name suggests, these are general types of rubbish and there are special skips for such rubbish. These skips are normally 6m3 in size and are suitable for those of you who wish to do Spring cleaning of their homes or for any deceased estates. Some of the items that can be included in general rubbish are white goods, metal, clothing, plastic, furniture, carpet, electrical appliances, and green waste. Items that cannot be included are soils, chemicals, bricks, earth, and asbestos.

2. Green Rubbish:

If you wish to get rid of green materials, then opting for a green rubbish skip would be a good idea. It is especially suitable after pruning shrubs and trees. Items that can be included in green waste skips include bark, weeds, grass, trees, and leaves. Those that cannot be included are rocks, bricks, soils, pavers, liquids, and chemicals.

3. Masonry Rubbish:

If you wish to hire masonry rubbish skips, then it would be suitable to get rid of masonry rubbish. These types of rubbish are the result of home or garden renovations and comprise of pavers, bricks, and concrete. Items that can be discarded in masonry rubbish skips include roof tiles, pavers, bricks, floor, and concrete. Those that cannot be included are general rubbish, soils, liquids, and green waste.

Since there are different types of rubbish around you, choosing the right type of rubbish skips will always be a good idea as this would help the rubbish collectors understand what they are actually collecting and how to get rid of them the right way.

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