5 Steps to Revamping Your Wardrobe

Every New Year we seem to make a resolution about spending less and changing our lifestyle for the better.

Changing our lifestyle by dressing better, eating healthy and trying to spend as less as we can on the tons of clothes that go up on sale.

But like every year it’s the start of 2019 and even though the resolution that you might have made is slowly starting to slip through your mind. Getting back to the same old routine of spending and experiencing the same old lifestyle as before.

Well if you want to escape this unfortunate loop of repetition. Then this is the perfect blog for you to take a gander at.

Changing yourself always start by changing the way you dress and it’s a task that can give a minor heart attack to most of the people.

A place filled with your deepest shames and a bundle of unwanted clothes that you might have been hoarding all over these years.

So here are a few steps to help you completely revamp your wardrobe this year and at the same time taking control of your life.

Follow 5 Steps to Revamping Your Wardrobe

1. Organize

Organize your dress

The first thing in revamping in your wardrobe is to get organized. Time to set aside your skirts, blouses, and tops to each corner of the room.

Cleaning up that extra space it had been consuming all of this time. After you’ve done that now you have time to think on how to adjust them back in your closet.

2. Greatest Outfits to the lowest

Now that you have set aside all of your clothes aside. It’s time to set them back in their place by putting the clothes that you wear the least to the back of your closet and setting your greatest outfits to the front.

This way you’ll never have to say things like “you don’t have anything to wear”. Helping you save a ton of money by stopping you to shop for the extra necessities you might always want.

3. Color Code your Dresses

Color Code for your Dresses

Once you have set the dresses from your greatest hits to the lowest outfits of your choice.

It’s time to decide a color code that’ll help you decide the perfect outfit for any occasion. Make sure to write down the color codes of your current dresses and match them up later while you’re heading out to shop.

This way every time you can get something that’ll make a great addition to the bundle off outfits you already have made the revamp of your wardrobe even smoother.

4. Resist the Urge to Shop

Now that you have already gone through the wardrobe and set aside the best clothes for yourself.

It’s time to tackle the most important problem. Resisting the urge to shop, instead of heading out and spending a ton of money on branded stores. Save it and gather it for the opportune moment.

5. Buy Something nice for Yourself

Buy Something nice for Yourself

After going through a few months of saving and repetitive dressing, now would be the perfect time to head out and buy something nice for yourself.

This time around when you go on a shopping spree not only would you shop smartly but you’ll also have the budget to get the most trending clothing apparel available at that moment.

Revamping your wardrobe is not an easy task to be tackled especially if you are a lazy person.

But with the help of these 5 steps not only are you able to handle this difficult task more optimally but can also set a change in your lifestyle.

Plus when you’re shopping smartly you tend to stumble upon some great discounts and deals too. That helps you save an even heftier amount of your hard earned money.

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