10 Stylish and Sophisticated Wooden Accessories for Men

Personal accessories and effects appear even before civilization and recorded history. Archeological sites across Africa and Europe show that even primitive men found uses for trinkets and small objects.

Many of these effects were probably charms, carried for luck or sentiment rather than practical use. Today, wooden accessories combine tools and charms into elegant and memorable packages.

Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or a special someone in your life, this list is sure to generate some inkling of that past in a present. 

Definitive Wooden Accessories

Wood benefits from being highly workable. While many objects these days are made of plastics with injection molding or 3D printing techniques, wood offers a touch of the old world.

Of course, to shape wood requires skill and craftsmanship, which reflects in the price (and value) of the goods produced. 

1. Wooden Flutes

Modern wooden flutes tend to be precise in tone and have more control than their ancient counterparts

A wooden flute can evoke a sense of whimsy for the modern man or of skill. Samurai were known for carrying shakuhachi flutes that doubled as clubs in a pinch.

2. Wallets

The grain and rich color of wooden wallets for men provide a touch of class to picking up the check. Wooden wallets may be simple billfolds or contain numerous compartments in a wooden shell. 

3. Cufflinks 

Cufflinks are ornamental wooden accessories that do what a cufflink should: present a unique sense of style.

Composites with multiple kinds of wood are especially fetching.

4. Wooden Watches

Be it the watch face or elements of the band, wooden watches for men project a rugged exterior. 

There’s something majestic about the blend of modern clockwork and wood grain found in these popular wooden watches.

5. Pens

Mix a hardwood pen with some burned or engraved lettering to make a smart and sophisticated desk set. 

6. Phone Case

Another mix of the old and new, a decorative wooden phone case personalizes this impersonal time while still protecting the investment. 

Wooden phone cases are built to be shock and moisture resistant and they diffuse the force from a drop better than metal cases. 

7. Wood Rings

Titanium and palladium rings are out, wooden rings are in. These tasteful accouterments of jewelry connect a man with their forest homes.

Look for exotic and tropical hardwoods for their beautiful grain and luster. 

8. Pocket Knife

A wooden-handled pocket knife marries a simple functional item with a time-honored tradition of personalization.

Wooden grips also offer superior moisture wicking for secure purchase.  

9. Pendants

Pendants provide a touch of color without drawing too much attention. Softwoods allow for intricate designs to be carved while hardwoods show off the warm grain.

Consider a two-tone piece with metal and wood or joined woods.

10. Wooden Boxes

A little large to be considered an accessory but very much a signature to any office or bar set. A wooden box looks elegant and adds kisses the contents with a hint of earthy goodness. 

Perfect for humidors, whiskey sets, and tie boxes.

Enjoy More

These wooden accessories offer a lot of options and ideas. Still, there are even more options out there.

With so much world to explore, you’re always likely to find something new. Come back to our site for more ideas and factoids about your world.

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