Things People Realize after Moving to New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot of diversity and uniqueness to offer. You could read about everything that you can expect from life in the Garden State and still be surprised once you actually start to live there. There are numerous things people realize only after moving to New Jersey and we will try to sum them up for you.

The moving process

Taking that next step and trying to make a home for you and your family is a big deal. If you have several reasons to buy a home and you have decided on the Garden State, you should research what the different towns around the state have to offer.

Once you have made a decision and picked a new place to call home, all that is left to do is to actually move there. Relocating is no easy task, but Ample Moving is just one of the local moving companies that can help ensure your move is hassle-free and enjoyable. Once your move is finalized and completed. You should get ready for a few surprises New Jersey might throw your way.

The surprises

Let’s take a look inside the box of surprises New Jersey has in store for most of its new inhabitants.


Turning left just doesn’t happen in the Garden State. That’s right, there are no left turns, so don’t move over to the left lane but prepare yourself for a bunch of jughandles.

Jughandles are big looped roads that start off as a right-hand curve but end up leading you to the left. At first, they might be confusing but research shows they are one of the safest ways to transition in traffic as they eliminate the need to enter an intersection with oncoming traffic.

You will also need to learn how to avoid rush hour traffic. Rush hour lasts for several hours in New Jersey. One thing you will learn soon after moving to New Jersey is that it’s a good idea to avoid peak traffic hours when people are commuting to and from work. If that is not a viable option, arm yourself with nerves of steel as road rage is not uncommon.

Finally, keeping the roads safe to drive on costs a fair amount and due to this, there are quite a few toll booths around New Jersey. Obtaining an EZ pass will help shorten your commute time and help you avoid any traffic jams at the toll booths.


One does not go to the beach in New Jersey. No, instead, you can go down to the „shore“. It takes a bit of time to get use to this terminology, but it grows on you with time. Your drive down to the shore might take a little longer during the summer and parkways can get cramped for miles.

Once you get to the water though, it all appears well worth the wait. The water is warmer and cleaner than it is in California and there are a number of activities that you can take part in.

If you have the means, buying a boat here is a great option as you can enjoy stress-free time on the water.

Food and wine

The Garden State is home to some authentic cuisine as well. It might not be fine dining as everyone imagines it, but these dishes are unique and characteristic of New Jersey. Disco fries can be just about as groovy as their name suggests. These are fries topped with cheese and gravy.

One of New Jersey’s favorite breakfast options is something called “pork roll”. This is actually a pork meat product with added spices, salt, and sugar, which is smoked before the product is finished.

It might take some getting used to, but the locals will tell you it is delicious. Whilst some of the dishes available are characteristic only of New Jersey. There are still numerous establishments offering classics such as pizza, hot dogs, pasta, and burgers.

You might not expect it from New Jersey, but there are some fantastic wineries around the state. If you are a wine lover, you will soon find out that there is plenty on offer to you.

Modern-day New Jersey

You might have heard that Jersey City is not really a hot spot for young couples and families, but in recent years a lot has changed. The city now has a booming bar and restaurant scene.

New entertainment spots are sprouting up everywhere. Jersey City is less famous than New York City, but it still has a lot to offer, including several advantages. For starters, rent is cheaper.

As a matter of fact, pretty much everything is cheaper and that’s something you should know in case you want to settle down in Jersey City.

And much more…

  • New Jersey has a pretty good music scene. Bruce Springsteen is always a present entity and he is somewhat of a hero in New Jersey. It appears as though everyone there loves his music.
  • Mischief night takes place the night before Halloween and for some reason. Trees get covered in toilet paper during the night.
  • Wawa is probably the most popular convenience store chain in New Jersey and they offer some great lunches and a variety of drinks and snacks.
  • You might be surprised to find out that property taxes are pretty high in New Jersey. This is one of those things that has surprised many, but it certainly isn’t something you want to learn only after moving to New Jersey. Be careful and choose the right real estate agent for yourself and the agent will give you all the details.
  • While driving on some of the roads around Jersey City, you might notice a specific odor. Almost sweet in essence, it will be difficult for you to pinpoint exactly what it is. You’ll soon learn that it is a result of work at the refineries and is quite common in the area.
  • You might have heard of Rutger University before, but only once you live in New Jersey will you realize just how proud its inhabitants are of this institution.

There are so many different things that people realize after moving to New Jersey that it can often be an overwhelming experience.

But fret not, because one of the first things you will realize after moving to New Jersey is that its inhabitants are very supportive of one another and they will unite and help those in need.

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