Things to Know Before Moving to Canada

There are many elements that make North America unique. If you happen to be moving to Canada in the upcoming months, there is plenty to look forward to and get excited about.

Although the winters might be a bit harsh, the warmth and friendliness of the people living there make it worth the while.

Overall, moving anywhere new requires some planning, organization, and efficient preparation. It’s essential to maintain efficiency and order so that the relocation can run smoothly.

Therefore, keep on reading as we will evaluate cool things to know before moving to Canada.

Moving to Canada

With 9.1 million square kilometers, Canada is the second biggest country in the entire world. In addition, it also has the longest coastline compared to all the other countries globally. Moving to Canada wouldn’t be so bad, eh?

Furthermore, if you are relocating to this beautiful place, it’s important to organize your moving affairs ahead of time and rely on a plan throughout the process.

Whether you are moving from the United States, Europe, or somewhere further away, your relocation is only as successful as your moving plan.

Moreover, one of our most essential tips to rely on before moving to Canada is to have a moving plan. By doing so, you can follow a solid timeline, jot down all the necessary tasks to be completed, and rely on a budget.

This will in return allow you to maintain organization and move without any additional stress.

Overall, a hassle-free move! In addition, make sure to organize your relocation ahead of time as well. In case you can’t transfer all of your items, invest in storage where you can place your belongings!

Canadian, Eh!

Another interesting fact that you should be aware of before moving to Canada is that the country has two official languages.

English and French are spoken throughout the country, with English being the main language in most provinces but Quebec.

Therefore, depending on which province you will call home, it would be beneficial to speak or at least understand both languages.

Landscapes like these in Alberta will truly leave you speechless. One of the most amazing natural beauties in the country.

Meanwhile, the landscapes and scenery that you will come across while living in Canada are truly stunning. As it is such a vast country, there are numerous types of landscapes to enjoy. Not to mention the two million lakes you could swim in and do all kinds of water activities at.

Before moving to Canada, however, it is essential to know how cold the winters can get. It can start to get really nippy around November, and sometimes Canadian winters can last until May. Don’t be surprised if you see a snow day in April, either!

When it comes to the temperatures, on a cold day in winter, it can go as low as 40 degrees Celsius below zero with the wind chill. Therefore, get a warm parka and good boots for those winter days!

Relocation to Canada

Toronto skyline at night

Toronto and Vancouver are very highly ranked cities within Canada and in the world. Most newcomers will relocate to either of the cities. One thing to keep in mind before moving to Canada is to understand taxes and prices.

Whatever amount you see on the price ticket is not the final price. Canadians add tax on these prices, and you pay the total amount of that. Once you adjust to this difference, you’ll be able to do the math in your head with no problem!

Meanwhile, the healthcare benefits for permanent residents enable you to see the doctor for free. The only time you might spend some money is if you receive a prescription and need to buy medication. Overall, it’s important to be aware of the healthcare system before you relocate so that you know what to expect.

Also, as we mentioned above, using a storage space in Canada is commonplace. It lets you place your excess items for later usage. Simply contact a moving company such as Discount Moving & Storage Ottawa ahead of time and discuss your options.


One of Canada’s greatest characteristics is how multicultural it is. After moving to Canada, you will start to realize that you are surrounded by people from all over the world. You might meet individuals with the same background as yourself, but you will also get an opportunity to come across people of different cultures, views, and religions.

With so much culture and diversity, Canada lets everyone feel welcome and included in the community. Therefore, embrace who you are and get to know just how multicultural Canada is.

The Language

Although we mentioned the two official languages are English and French, there are a few words or phrases that Canadians are famous for. The phrase ‘eh’ is often used throughout Canada. It’s pronounced ‘ay’ and it can be used after a question, or if you can’t believe something is true.

Meanwhile, the words ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are also very popular, and people can guess you are Canadian based on how you say these and how often. All in all, Canadians are super polite.

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Landscapes like these in Alberta

Moving to Canada will be a great move for you and your family. Before relocating, as we said earlier, it’s important to do some research and understand where you will be living.

A moving plan is the most beneficial step for relocation. You will be able to fully prepare step by step and successfully move to Canada.

Although winters are very cold and there’s usually lots of snow, as long as you have the proper attire, you will be okay. Meanwhile, Canada also has the other seasons, too.

Summers are actually very hot, and people love to spend their time outdoors. From beaches to lakes and plenty of outdoor activities, you will be getting a lot of sun throughout the summer months.

Overall, we shared some pretty cool things to know before moving to Canada that will get you prepared before moving there. Now, pack your suitcase, and get going. Once you arrive, go to a Tim Hortons!

You’ll know why once you get there, and it’s a great way to start being Canadian.

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