6 Things to Learn After Moving to Alabama

Alabama might be located in the south of the United States but it has always been central when it comes to the nation’s history.

You might not know everything about Alabama’s rich history and cultural heritage, there is just so much to learn, so we’ve selected 6 things to learn after moving to Alabama.

Alabama has a strong defense

The state motto reads „We dare defend our rights“ and this is more than just a saying in Alabama – it is a way of life. Alabama is where Rosa Parks decided to stand up for her rights by actually refusing to stand up. She declined to give up her seat on a bus and fought against segregation which led to her being nicknamed „The first lady of civil rights“.

If you plan on calling yourself a local, you’d better organize your defense game. Alabama has the longest state constitution in the country, some 300,000 words. In comparison, the constitution of the United States is approximately 4,500 words long.

It’s got, soul

Well actually, it’s got soul, jazz, blues, and country music. Alabama has rhythm. Music is another cultural segment where the state has played a central role. Jazz and blues, in particular, have deep roots in Alabama, and Birmingham is home to the Jazz Hall of Fame.

You’ll need to learn to let loose and enjoy the wide variety of music on offer as it is an integral part of life here. If you are planning on moving from far away stress-free, know that there are plenty of local venues waiting to welcome you with heartfelt music throughout Alabama.

Did you know that Alabama was actually the first place where Mardi Gras was celebrated? That’s right, although New Orleans has since taken over the thrown as the Mardi Gras capital, it all started in Alabama.

It’s got a strong gridiron game

Grilling sausages perfectly on a barbecue is one of the 6 things to learn after moving to Alabama

We’re talking about real gridirons here. If you ever thought that you were a top-notch barbecue master, think again. Alabama is home to some of the best barbecues in the States.

Pretty much every restaurant, diner, and burger joint in the area will serve up some mouth-watering barbecue for you. So, no matter how highly you might rate your grilling skills, don’t go bragging about them around Alabama as they really know how to use a gridiron.

Also, keep in mind that the portions in restaurants tend to be rather large. And when the food is good and the portions are large, you’re going to need something to wash that food down with.

They love a good whiskey in Alabama. So much so that it is the only state to have an alcoholic beverage, Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, as it’s official drink. After a few weeks of food and drink, you will find that you might need a good exercise program to stay in shape.

Football is a serious matter

A college football team entering the field of play

While Alabama residents are a friendly bunch, this can all change very quickly if you suggest that college football or football, in general, is merely a game.

Many Alabamians put in a lot of time and effort into making it to various football games and the tradition of tailgating is taken more seriously than in the northern part of the country.

Tornadoes are more than a nuisance

A tornado making landfall

Tornadoes are no laughing matter and they tend to hit hard down south. They can arrive out of the blue, which is why it is very important that you learn the proper procedures and measures which should be taken in case of a tornado. They could save your life.

Knowing this shouldn’t lead you to panic though. If you are prepared you should get through any tornadoes that do strike safely.

If the mere thought of a tornado gets you all worked up and makes you nervous, you might want to learn how to unwind and relax. A bit of time for yourself to gather your thoughts and your worries will be gone with the wind.

Everything is larger

It might take some time to get used to the size of just about everything in Alabama. Not only can you find large gators here, but just about every pest is larger than in the north of the country, including snakes and spiders.

You’ll need to learn how to deal with these once you move to Alabama, but if you decide that it’s too much, professional movers like Authority Moving Group can help you move to a more suitable location.

And more…

These are just 6 things you will need to learn and accept after moving to Alabama, but there is so much more that makes the state so unique. In addition to what has been mentioned above, after moving to this state you will soon learn that:

  • Just about any food can be deep-fried
  • Vegetables can be very tasty if prepared with loads of butter
  • It is possible to experience all four seasons within the span of 24 hours
  • It takes time to learn the meaning of all of the sayings used in the local dialect

And just be on the safe side and keep you out of trouble, you should know that it is illegal to play dominoes, race, hunt or play cards on a Sunday in Alabama. Oh, and it is also illegal to participate in bear wrestling.

So, just in case you were planning on wrestling a bear to the ground, keep in mind that it could land you in jail. Or perhaps a hospital. If this venture is something that has crossed your mind, we suggest that you consider other activities that can contribute towards a long and happy life.

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