Travel Luggage: The Best Choice of Clothes You Need to Carry

If there’s one secret to a fuss-free travel experience, it’s in the way you pack your travel luggage.

Some important considerations like the destination, duration of stay and weather of the place you’re going to visit must be kept in mind while packing your luggage.

Apart from your travel documents and toiletries, clothes form the core of your travel luggage and should be chosen carefully. Plan all your outfits for all the days you will be traveling ahead of time.

The trick is to strategically include seven to eight clothing pieces that can be teamed up together to create different styles.This takes off the extra weight you might have added otherwise to your luggage in the form of unnecessary clothing items and saves you from paying any extra fee in case your luggage exceeds the weight limits set by the airport authorities.

When you’re traveling to a new place, you may end up buying clothes or souvenirs that catch your attention. So make sure there’s enough room in your travel luggage to fit any new items you buy if possible.

While choosing travel clothes, it’s important to pay attention to the materials that can be packed easily and do not wrinkle. To help you pack your travel luggage effortlessly, here is a checklist of clothing pieces you need to include in your travel bags for a trouble-free sojourn.

Check out the list of clothing pieces you need to include in your Travel Luggage

1. Breezy Tops

Breezy Top

Summer tops in floral or striped patterns add a fresh youthful vibe to your looks.

These tops look great with almost any type of bottom wear be it skirts, jeans trousers and can be teamed with knee-length dresses to help you transcend into a casual look.

While selecting the right tops for traveling, pick ones that can be rolled into your suitcase without any chances of creasing.

It would be a good idea to carry a spraying steam de wrinkler in your luggage to get rid of the creases formed on your clothes.

2. Denims


Given the affinity we share with jeans, it is unthinkable to travel without a pair of denim in your luggage.

This is an essential clothing piece with extended wearability that deserves a place in your travel luggage. Pick a pair of stretchable lightweight fabric so it takes less space in your luggage.

Denim in darker colors needs less washing compared to denim in lighter shades. So pick jeans in darker shades of blue, brown, grey or black so you can wear them for a couple of days without washing.

3. Leggings


The versatility of leggings makes it a perfect clothing essential when you are traveling.

Whether it’s for hiking, sports activities or for daily casual wear, leggings can be worn for any occasion and look great with almost anything you pair them with.

Opt for fitness leggings for maximum breathability and comfort during your travel.

4. Maxi dresses

Maxi Dress

Long flowy maxi dresses make for a comfortable yet stylish clothing item.

They instantly put you in the holiday mood and give away a relaxed carefree look. These minimalist dresses can be easily transformed to create a different look by wearing a jacket or a tee over it.

Pick maxi dresses in thin eco-friendly fabrics that wick off moisture instantly.

5. Pullovers


Be ready to face the winds if the weather suddenly becomes unpredictable by stashing a pullover in your travel bag.

Women can pick pullover dresses to act as a one-piece outfit and wear them with tights. While choosing a pullover for travel to opt for soft fleece knit fabrics that need very little space in your bag.

6. Tees

Tees collection

A must-have clothing item in your travel wardrobe, tees are super comfortable and complement all clothing pieces.

You can choose from a fairly large collection of t-shirt styles to go with the look you have in mind. Oversized shirts with kimono sleeves look great when teamed up with a fancy tank top worn underneath.

Pack in at least two t-shirts in your luggage to keep you comfortable and thriving.

7. Travel Jackets

Travel Jackets

It helps to have a jacket with multiple pockets when you are traveling to store things you will need during your journey.

You can opt for jackets made specifically for traveling with large hidden pockets made from water and heat resistant fabrics which will also protect your clothes from spills.

These jackets are perfect for women as most ladies clothing don’t have any pockets.

8. Shoes


Shoes are an intrinsically important item in your travel checklist as without a right pair you may not fully enjoy your trip leave alone trot around all the wonderful places in your itinerary.

Pack in not more than three pairs of footwear – a slip on flip flops, a comfy pair of sneakers and medium length heels to go with the clothes you carry in your luggage.

Make sure that you pack these separately in a plastic or canvas bag and stash them in your luggage away from all the clothes.

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