7 Most Unique Restaurants Or Bars In London

Finding the perfect place or unique restaurants for dining or having a couple of drinks while socializing is an impossible task, especially if you are in a metropolitan city like London.

An abundance of choice is on offer, in every category of food and drinks available anywhere in the world.

Having so much choice can make it confusing, if not intimidating for a person visiting London for the first time.

London has its fair share of weird and quirky restaurants and bars.

These places can give you an unforgettable dining experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Dining is a treat to all of your senses, and London promises an unforgettable experience that is unique and satisfying on your taste buds.

Without any more delay, let us jump to explore seven of the most exclusive and unique restaurants and bars in London.

7 Most Unique Restaurants And Bars In London

1. CUB, Hoxton


The location of CUB is in one of the elegant streets in east London. The restaurant focuses on attaining sustainability as its primary mission and keeps up to the hype of Eco-friendly restaurants which is trending in recent times.

The restaurant uses plants which we do not usually use or those that we do not know about yet. The menu consists of items that have an intriguing story to it.

The selection of the food plates and cocktails available here deserves special praise for careful selection.

You should consider asking the server about anything you order to know about the fantastic stories of the dish. CUB also hosts ‘fermentation classes,’ where the chef teaches about the process.

2. Bob Rob Ricard, Soho

Bob Rob Ricard, Soho

Bob Rob Ricard will strike you as weird the moment you take a step inside.

The interiors have art decorations which are so lavish that it gives you the feeling that you are stepping into a movie set instead of an eatery.

The most striking feature at Bob Rob Ricard is the presence of a button on each table which you may press for summoning special Champagne directly from your table.

This place is also the only one in London which serves the illustrious wine Chateau d’Yquem by the glass.

You must also try the Fizz 56 red wine, which provides incredible benefits to your health.

There is also a wide range of exquisite British-Russian dishes on offer on the menu. Just be careful that you do not press the champagne button by accident!

3. Mr. Fogg’s Tavern

Mr. Fogg’s Tavern

This gin bar with Jules Verne-themed interiors is only the second outlet of Mr. Fogg’s.

The ceiling of the tavern is brimming with souvenirs and relics from all over the world.

Predictably the quirky roof is the primary attraction for guests who regularly point their phone cameras upward for trying to capture the unusual decoration on their cameras.

Tasty niblings such as Rosemary nuts, Chilli-roasted corn, and Chorizo bites are must-have if you ever visit this place.

The veteran staff takes you on a delightful journey of discovery on experiencing gin and finding your favorite gin.

4. Gremio de Brixton, Brixton

Gremio de Brixton, Brixton

Gremio is a restaurant in Brixton which is set up in a crypt below the St. Mathew’s church.

The entire restaurant is completely under the ground.

The ambiance is oddly unique with the arching brick ceilings and the candlelight illumination in the Tapas bar giving it an atmosphere reminiscent of an ancient church.

The menu is full of porky delectables, and the prominent dishes include delicacies such as Cochinillo Segoviano, Jamon croquetas, and Butifarra.

The restaurant serves food which has a strong Spanish heritage.

5. Inamo, Covent Garden

Inamo, Covent Garden

Inamo is an Asian fusion restaurant that sits at Covent Garden.

The striking feature of this eatery is the radical interactive ordering system that the restaurant projects onto each table, making it one of the unique restaurants anywhere in the world.

Besides ordering your food through a 3D menu with the interactive ordering system. It boasts of a great host of features.

You can also check out about the local neighborhood, change the virtual tablecloth from a wide selection, and even book a taxi right from the comfort of your seat.

6. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Shoreditch

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, Shoreditch

Lady Dinah’s is a premium cafe in East London which also hosts a large number of resident cats in the cafe.

The cats are at home in this place, and they may or may not approach you when you visit the cafe.

You do not have permission to approach a cat until it approaches you first. There is also a prominent gist shop from where you can get souvenirs such as kitty nail transfers and latte-art stencils.

7. Trader Vic’s, Mayfair

Trader Vic’s, Mayfair

Trader Vic’s specializes in a South Sea dining experience in the heart of Mayfair in London.

The menu consists of an assortment of items such as traditional finger foods and Trader Vic’s masterpieces such as Scottish Lobster and Beef and Reef.


No matter what your personal preferences may be, London has something for everyone to enjoy and relish as a pleasant memory.

From exquisite fine dining restaurants to mouth-watering roadside eateries and cafes. London is an amalgamation of the different cultures around the world.

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