5 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Relationship – Let’s Face it

Technology has changed the world in many different ways.

Some advances in technology are great and others should be avoided. Technology, such as the internet, smartphones, iPads, and tablets are great and convenient to use, but there is a downside to technology, especially when it comes to relationships.

Technology can ruin your relationship without you realizing what’s taking place or why.

Here are Some Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Relationship

5. Fighting

Many people are surprised that technology can be a source of fights, disagreements and other negative things.

When technology is the source of your fights, you will fight because you feel your mate is not spending enough time with you and their cell phone, tablet or other device is getting more time than you are.

When these feeling set in, you will begin to feel insecure and will start doing things you would not normally do, such as going through your mate’s phone when they are not around or trying to hack their Facebook or Twitter account to find out who they are talking about that’s taking attention away from you.

4. Phone Addiction

Phone addiction is one of the worst things that can happen due to technology.

You and your mate may fight because the phone is taking up most of the quality time you can spend together. Phone addiction is more than staying on the phone for hours at a time. Phone addiction involves carrying the phone around 24-7, even to the bathroom or shower.

A person who suffers from phone addiction will constantly have their phone with them playing games, texting or on chat sites. The problem begins when your mate become overprotective of their phone and you begin to wonder what is on their phone that they don’t want you to see.

3. Health

Health issues can become an issue when it comes to technology. Aside from straining your eyes, technology can have other negative impacts on your life.

Excessive use of technology can cause a person to become anxious, paranoid, depressed, snappy and unpleasant. Something as simple as a game not going the way they planned can cause a person to have an unexplained attitude.

One of the worst parts of this situation is a lot of people never realize what is happening until it’s too late and their relationship is ruined.

2. Video Game Addiction

Yes, video game addiction is real and people who are on the other side of the situation will become annoyed, unwanted and depressed.

A lot of people don’t understand how this happens, but taking a closer look at the situation, video game addiction is a lot deeper than some people want to believe.

When someone is addicted to a video game, they will constantly be on their phone, tablet or computer. Day and night, your mate will play the game, regardless if you want to discuss important matters, go on a date, eat, sleep, the game will be a constant factor.

1. Online Flirting

Online flirting is the number one disaster of technology that destroys a relationship beyond repair. The internet opens the door to a meeting and chatting with new people.

The internet gives you access to people who are in your area and people who are thousands of miles away.

All it takes is a little glimmer of hope when you are mad at your mate and you may very well be on your way to a point of no return. Technology may not be as exciting when you view it from a relationship perspective.

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