4 Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses are Better Than the Cheaper Alternatives

Summer is a great time to be outside enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Not only that, but many people love the variety of clothing options and accessories they are able to choose from regarding the different activities and events they engage in.

One very popular accessory many women and men enjoy wearing is sunglasses.

As with everything else, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right pair. Below is a closer look at why it is beneficial to buy designer sunglasses versus spending money on cheaper ones.

Some Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses are Better

1. Protection From The Sun’s Rays

Besides being an accessory, sunglasses serve a great purpose. They protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The UV light is dangerous to eyes because UV rays age them a lot faster than normal and cause vision problems.

The exposure to UV light has also been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer of the cornea and the eye.

When a person decides to shop for designer eyeglasses, they can rest assured that they will offer 100% UV protection, as many have polarized lenses that block out the glare very well even in the brightest sunny day of the season.

2. More Durability

Designer eyewear is known for its expensive price tag, but there is a reason for that.

As everyone knows, cheap sunglasses are good for a month or so before the frame begins to snap or break. The lenses begin to scratch, screws fall out, and the glasses are too stretched out to stay on well.

However, designer brand eyewear is made well, as they are tested many times to make sure the frame can withstand pressure and does not bend or break easily.

Many brands also offer warranties that, if anything should happen, the customer can send them in to be fixed or replaced free of charge.

3. High-End Look

Let’s not kid ourselves. The majority of people like to be noticed by others for what they are wearing or carrying, and sunglasses are no exception.

As stated above, sunglasses are a great accessory to elevate any outfit, regardless of the event one is attending. Brand labels know this and spend time and money designing fashion-forward glasses that will be very popular with consumers.

Wearing such shades, people are sure to get noticed by others that love brand-name accessories.

4. Designer Brands Come With A Carrying Case

We have all bought gas station sunglasses or ones from the department stores. One thing those sunglasses have in common is that they do not come with a case, to put them in when they are not being used.

That is definitely a sign to the consumer that the manufacturer of the sunglasses does not value the craftsmanship of their shades.

Sunglasses are responsible for protecting the eyes from harmful rays from the sun. At the same time, many wearers like to be fashionable too.

Designer Sunglasses allow people to protect their eyes while still looking great. Quality sunglasses are definitely an investment, but they will outlast any cheaper brand.

Next time you are thinking about purchasing eyewear. Consider buying one designer brand versus having to replace a cheaper one a few times throughout the year.

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