Does Love at First Sight Exist? An Expert’s Answer

Have you seen someone who has caught your eye, and now you’re asking is love at first sight real?

The emotions that you’re feeling when you catch someone’s eye for the first time are valid. In fact, sixty percent of people have experienced the same feelings that you are right now.

Experiencing love at first sight might feel overwhelming as emotions come flooding in. Yet, don’t block them out or try to hide them.

Be sure to keep reading our guide to find the answer to the question does love at first sight exists.

What Is Love at First Sight?

On your journey to find out if love at first sight is real you need to know what love at first sight is. For many people, it is an instant mutual attraction to someone that they look at or meet in person.

You’ll find that it can start with an infatuation with the other person. Yet, you’ll find that your feelings of love at first sight can be real.

After getting to know the other person, many people have built healthy relationships that lasted. Love at first sight can cause you to want to know everything about the other person, which is where a good relationship starts.

Can I Fall in Love With Someone I Just Met?

When asking does love at first sight exist you might be wondering if you can fall in love with someone you just met. If you feel like you’re experiencing love at first sight, the feeling of love is true and real.

Ultimately, it is up to you to express your feelings to the other person and explore them deeper to find out if it is mutual love.

If you’re looking for a great love story example, check out this article on Eurweb. Candace Owens and her husband met and fell in love very quickly.

In fact, they met and got engaged over a Facetime call within a two and a half week period. It is a great love story that shows true love does exist.

Love Is Different for Everyone

The reason that so many people ask does love at first sight exists is because the feeling of love is different for everyone. Love can be a combination of physical attractiveness, emotions, desire, and even a chemical stimulation in your brain.

For most people, falling in love is a combination of attraction and infatuation. When you think of love at first sight, you could be experiencing both of these emotions very quickly when laying your eyes on someone.

Yet, the issue is that love is different for everyone. You’re going to experience it in a different way than someone else meaning you can experience love at first sight while they may not.

Experiencing Love at First Sight

As you can see, experiencing love at first sight is a valid emotion. If you see someone across the room there is a chance that you can feel intense emotions for them.

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