Halloween: A Short Analysis of the Samhain Festival and Its Relevance With Superhero Costumes

The long history of Halloween indicates it was celebrated as the first day of the year by the ancient Celts who used to live in the area that is now divided among Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France.

Celebrated on the 1st of October every year, Halloween involves people of all age groups from teenagers to the elderly people participating in various rituals ranging from cosplay events to scary parties.

Taking at the History of Halloween

According to the ancient accounts, there was a common perception among the Celts that during the last night of the year, the ghosts of the dead ones return to planet Earth to harm the humans and damage the crops, as they heavily relied on crops just like most of the humans then.

This bizarre yet scary believe led the Celts to originate an event called “Samhain” which would be celebrated by lighting bonfires to ward off the ghosts and protect themselves throughout the winter season.

Notably, the Celts used to wear scary costumes made of the skin of animals including their heads which later on gave birth to the idea of donning the horrifying costumes in the set of rituals.

But with the passage of time and over a couple of thousand years of history, today Halloween has transformed into an entertainment-filled festival celebrated to kill boredom and preserve the centuries-old tradition of the Celts.

The relevance of Superhero Costumes to Halloween

Generally, Halloween celebrators rely on a number of rituals such as visiting the haunted places and pranking on friends, however, a large segment of society tends to celebrate the special day by donning costumes inspired by various characters from the films, novels, fairytales, comics, and legendary sources.

In addition, ever since the world of superheroes has started to expand, a great number of people have shown interest in preferring the costumes associated with their favorite character.

As opposed to every year, the Halloween Costume Collection 2019 at e-shops is featuring more number of jackets, coats, and blazers than ever before. Thanks to the endless rivalry between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, fans can now have a bunch of more options to go for.

Trending Couple Inspired Costumes

When it comes to partnering for a cosplay competition in your town, there can be many choices to make from adopting the look of the superhero couples to the supervillain couples.

As an enthusiastic celebrant myself, I acknowledge the fact that the Couples Outfits Ideas For Halloween revolve mostly around the superheroes having memorable love stories.

For instance, take Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, there love interests can’t be found anywhere else in the history of comics.

To be specific, attending the cosplay event wearing the signature outfit of Captain America and Peggy Carter will do wonders for the wearers. Otherwise, if Cap and his girlfriend do not impress you, Ant-man and The Wasp probably will.

When we take a look at the supervillains, we find Joker and Harley Quinn to be the perfect fit in the category of couples outfits.

Although the couple fights for the dark forces as opposed to the mentioned above couples, at least they are loyal to each other which makes them more special than the single super villains.

There are tons of other couples in the world of comics, but none can beat the influence these couples have on the fans.

The Country That Spends the Most on Halloween

The United States of America has been topping the list of countries that spend most on Halloween celebrations for years.

Get ready to let your mind blow up since according to the records of NRF, the Americans spent more than whopping $9 billion on Halloween costumes, candies, and tools for decorating in 2018.

This massive amount of money is greater than the entire budget of numerous underdeveloped countries which reflects the importance of Halloween for the general people in the U.S.

An average American spends more on Halloween than an average citizen of Germany, UK, and France combined.

Predicting the Halloween Spending for the year 2019

With more and more comic movies releasing every month, the spending is expected to go beyond $10 billion or probably far more than that in 2019.

The growing trend of cosplay events and parties is an indicator of an increase in spending in the upcoming years.

The Marvel Studios and DC Films are in a war which is enabling them to introduce more and more characters on the screen.

This is directly influencing the e-market and the choices of the consumers who are more or less big fans of superhero movies.

Therefore, it is very easy to predict the spending statistics going upwards in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, besides costumes, candies also make up a huge portion of spending with one-quarters of all the candies purchased in the year are for Halloween.

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