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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Medical Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Have you ever felt how the positive energy of your neighbor’s zesty pooch or the sight of that cute kitty resting on your warm and snuggly PetSafe door mat can lift up your mood?

Besides cats and dogs, even the sound of birds chirping can affect your emotional health and wellbeing. In case you’re skeptical about owning a new fuzzy or feathered pet, remember that pets are extremely beneficial for your overall health.

The following are some medical advantages you can have by owning a pet.

Facts and stats about owning a pet

Pets improve our wellbeing in ways that we tend to neglect or ignore. As per the APPA, around 67% of US families possess a pet. In their latest survey, it was revealed:

  • More than 60 million Americans own pet dogs
  • Around 40 million people own cats
  • 11 million people like to own freshwater fish
  • More than 5 million people raise birds

Considering these statistics, it’s quite apparent that a large number of people already know how important pets are for improving our overall health and wellness.

Let’s check out.

Some Amazing Medical Benefits Of Owning A Pet

Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases

In 2013, AHA released a report regarding the relationship between pet possession and lower rates of coronary illness. Two other similar reports made years later also reveal that pets can improve the life expectancy of people who are already suffering from various heart ailments.

Elimination of chronic stress

Animals, especially dogs, are considered helpful for people suffering from chronic stress. People with PTSD or ADHD feel less stressed after spending time with their pets. In other research, workers with high-stress levels were made to bring their pet dogs to work.

In the study, it was revealed that the workers suffered from less stress. This shows how the affection and company of pets can help to alleviate stress levels in people suffering from various mental and emotional issues.

Increase in physical activity

Dog owners are mostly seen jogging with their dogs at the park or simply relaxing and spending some quality time with them at the beach. This clearly shows that dogs motivate their owners in many ways. Dogs help their owners stay active and spend some quality time outdoors.

Another study made by the AHA revealed more than 54% of pets, especially dogs, encourage their owners to stay fit and active. At times, people with disabilities can find pets helpful in curing their depression caused by a lack of mobility or isolation.

Any form of physical activity when done with your pet outdoors provides numerous mental and physical health benefits. By surrounding yourself around nature, you can improve your mental health and reduce symptoms of stress or other chronic mental disorders such as ADHD or bipolar disorder.

Also, by spending some quality time outdoors, you can obtain your daily requirement of vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin to treat mental illnesses and boost your immunity.

Mental strength and increased confidence levels

People who are mentally strong feel motivated, confidence, and are able to establish and maintain healthy relationships. When you spend time with your pet, you acquire mental strength and become stress-free. Whereas people without pets, tend to suffer from low self-esteem issues and are more introverted and lonelier.

When you own a pet, you are so preoccupied with taking care of your pet that you don’t have time to worry about things that are unavoidable or beyond your control. You learn to live in the present and cherish every single moment of your life. Pets give their owners the warmth and comfort which makes them feel special and loved.

Pet therapy program and seniors

Having an emotional support animal can improve the performance and productivity levels of seniors suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s or psychosis. Getting enrolled for a pet therapy program itself is a great way to avoid having traditional treatments or medications for improved cognitive functioning.

With pets, seniors feel loved and responsible for taking care of their pets. They take care of their health, feed them regularly and play with them outdoors. This makes them forget their own miseries of life and become more positive and optimistic about life.

Final word

Owning a pet has countless health benefits. Raising a pet gives you a sense of achievement and fulfillment in life. It gives you a sense of ownership and responsibility. This feeling is something that helps you improve and become a more mature and responsible individual.

You learn to live in the present and know that there is someone who looks up to you and needs your love, time and affection. Whether you are suffering from a physical or mental health disorder or not, owning a pet is something that can undoubtedly change your outlook towards life by seeing it in light of positivity and optimism.

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