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OSHA Standards : What they are and Why they are so Important

In 1970 the Occupational Safety and Health Act created OSHA and was made to ensure workplaces adhere to safety and health standards.

OSHA works on a variety of hazards and work-related environments, as they enforce these guidelines to ensure the safety of the workers and employers.

OSHA or the Occupational Safety Health Administration was created due to the need to have employers give their employees a work environment without danger.

Thanks to OSHA’s enforcement, many employees must receive proper work tools and a safe work environment.

If you are looking to receive training that adheres to OSHA standards, then you need to start considering more than one area of your work.

OSHA ensures safety in a variety of work environments and different factors, as their enforcement is set to ensure employers provide a danger-free environment to their employees.

OSHA can be found working on areas such as fall protection, electrical safety, body inspection training, head protection training, lead safety, violence prevention and much more.

The Occupational Safety Health Administration works on a variety of standards which they enforce to companies, these ensure the client with adhering to standards that are safe to both employer and employee.

What is OSHA?

OSHA, as stated before, is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration created by OSHAct in 1970. This organization was founded in the need of providing a safer workplace to the various work environments from the public sector, private sector, and federal sector.

OSHA works to ensure employees in all 50 states and other jurisdictions are secure from any health hazard. Here are a few work-related environmental hazards that OSHA’s standards can manage:

  • Electrical safety
  • Fall protection
  • Fire safety
  • Trench and excavation awareness
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Confidential information guidelines

OSHA manages the compliance of both employers and employees:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to ensure a safer work environment. OSHA keeps watch and enforces its standards to both employees and their employers to ensure hazards from any variety are reduced.

For example, workers would need to adhere to personal fall and electrical safety guidelines, while their employers provide them the correct tools and safety measures.

There are many reasons why OSHA enforces these standards such as:

  • Ensure the safety of confidential information.
  • Minimize hazards such as falls, toxic fumes, fire-related and others.
  • Provide a clean work environment.
  • Ensure employees receive proper healthcare.
  • Prevent violence at work.

Who is covered by OSHA?

Federal OSHA covers the states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and the US territory the Virgin Islands.

OSH Act protection can be given to workers in OSHA-approved states, this can cover employees from the state and local governments.

OSHA does not cover self-employed and it covers employees only that fall in local, state and federal work environments.

Here are some extra details by those covered by OSHA:

Federal Government Employees and Employers:

Private employers must adhere to OSHA’s standards to ensure the safety of their employees, and employees are regulated to ensure the integrity of the company and safety as well.

OSHA does not fine federal agencies but it is heavily utilized by these companies because a company that follows OSHA’s regulations can be more trusted.

Local and State Workers:

As indicated before, federal OSHA does not cover local and state workers, instead, they are covered by the OSH Act protection.

The Occupational Safety Health Act ensures these workers can have a safe work environment by providing on-point regulations that cover a variety of areas.

There are many big companies such as USPS, various trucking companies, health-related institutions, construction companies and much more.

Following OSHA’s regulations ensure you will have a much safer work environment and will be able to work without worrying about a dangerous situation.

OSHA’s regulation covers work-related accidents, confidential information safety standards, workplace violence prevention, safety awareness and much more.

There are many different standards given by OSHA and depend on your work environment and safety-related needs. A construction company needs to adhere to falling and accident-related regulations while a bank must adhere to confidential information safety standards.

Regulations in OSHA ensure they are properly understood as they must be given information and hazards training that is an understandable language, provide proper gear and tools for work, mitigate hazards and help in preventing employee and employer hazards as much as possible.

It is highly recommended you follow safety regulations while working on an OSHA compliant company and ask your supervisor if you are unsure of any.

Following OSHA’s standards ensure a safer and healthier work environment for all employees and employers within the company.

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