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Top 5 Questions About Fillings to Ask Your Dentist

Did you know that the average American has three dental fillings and that a quarter of the population has 11 or more fillings? These are shocking statistics. Yet, if you’ve just found out you need fillings — you’re not alone. 

It’s a common procedure but you probably have a lot of questions about fillings that you’d like the answers to before you get one yourself. 

Check out this guide to five questions to ask your dentist before you get fillings. 

1. What Are the Different Types of Fillings? 

If your dentist has recommended that you get a filling, you’ll need to know what options are available to you. There are plenty of filling materials that will affect the price, effectiveness, and aesthetic of your filling. 

For example, a metal amalgam filling is the cheapest option but many people avoid this option due to the unsightly appearance. Gold cast fillings last a very long time (up to 15 years), while tooth-colored composites are popular because they blend in with your teeth. 

2. What Are the Benefits of Fillings? 

You might be feeling unsure about whether to receive a tooth filling or not. Speaking to your dentist about the benefits of fillings will help you to make your decision. 

Your dentist will let you know about benefits such as halting tooth decay and repairing damage on a decayed tooth. This will restore the normal function and appearance of the tooth. 

If you have more questions, speak to a periodontist here

3. Is Filling a Tooth Absolutely Necessary? 

Are you feeling like your dentist may be a bit too gung-ho? Before getting a dental procedure done, you need to know just how necessary it is. That way you can decide whether it’s right for you. 

Keep in mind, dentists make money off all procedures, so it’s good to know whether you actually need it done. For example, if the tooth decay isn’t serious, you can choose a process called demineralization instead of a tooth filling. This is done simply by changing your diet. 

4. What Is Involved in Dental Filling Care?

So, you’ve decided to get your tooth filled and you’ve chosen the best type of filling for you. Once you leave the dentist’s chair, what’s next? Understanding how to care for your dental fillings will ensure a longer lifespan so that you can avoid the dentist for as long as possible.

Taking care of fillings is easy, but ensure that you get detailed information about brushing, flossing, and recognizing any changes. 

5. How Do I Prevent Tooth Fillings in the Future?

How do you make sure that this is the last time that you land up at the dentist for a tooth filling? Speak to your dentist about the right preventative steps to take to avoid fillings in the future. 

They will give you detailed information about dietary habits and tooth-cleaning routines to ensure the best care for your teeth. 

Make Sure to Ask All the Questions About Fillings

These are five of the most important questions about fillings, but you probably have a couple more on your mind. Write all of your questions down before your dentist appointment so that you can get all the information you need. 

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