What Do Correctional Officers Wear?

What Do Correctional Officers Wear?

It’s no surprise that many are more familiar with the words “Prison Officers” or Prison Wardens” rather than Correctional officers. Considering the fact that most countries prefer to use those terms more often than “correctional officers”. 

You do not need to be flustered with these distinctive terms because they all perform the same function in the prison yard. 

We have to understand that working as a correctional officer demands high physical effort, filled with dangerous risks to the officer’s life. Mostly because they are stationed in prison yards to deal with the inmates’ day-to-day activities. 

This is why correctional officers’ wear designs are always developed with extreme caution while incorporating lifeguard accessories into it. It is essential that you have the three quality gears below for better correctional performance. 

What Do Correctional Officers Wear


Getting the best correctional boots is certainly a necessity for any officer in order to work with extreme comfort and less fatigue. Just to be clear, most duties and obligations required of the correctional officers are usually fulfilled while standing or walking.

For instance, monitoring inmates is a primary objective for the prison officers and this requires your full focus on the inmates’ every activity. Your job is to stand still and remain vigilant as you watch inmates perform their appointed duties or everyday activities like eating in the dining hall. 

There are factors to consider before purchasing those life-changing tactical boots for utmost comfort and support. It is more advisable to aim for a well-cushioned boot with a strong upper, providing the ultimate protection with smooth comfort and heel support. 

Nevertheless, we must not forget about the grip level or thread outsole of the tactical boot. This helps to secure a firm grip on any surface either wet, moist, or dry, and improves traction a lot. You can be rest assured of easy movement in case of an emergency. 

Lastly, an ideal correctional officer boot is designed with a steel toe box area and a secure lacing system. 


The belt of a correctional officer supports many functions than you think of that slender thick accessory. Although, many prison yards do not support or provides the use of weapons like pistol, which tends to eliminate the need for a hoister. 

Alternatives have been provided to help prison officials keep the order and sanity of the inmates whenever there is a fight outbreak. Correctional officers are now equipped with teasers and batons for both their protection and crowd control. The use of teasers fulfills the need for a hoister and the duty belt serves as a hook for it. 

One of the major purposes of the correctional officers’ duty belt is to serve as support for many gears like handcuffs, teasers, badges, and lots. This helps to minimize the weight load of the gear. Ensuring officers are not been dragged down when performing their duties.  

Nevertheless, an ideal professional duty belt is designed to be ergonomic and extremely durable. The comfort and support delivered by these duty belts must be top-notch. It is also ideal for the design to feature a release buckle system for fast detachment and attachment. Strength and security are also guaranteed this way. 

Cut Resistant Gloves 

Heavy-duty gloves are part of the essential gear for a correctional officer to challenge and overcome dangerous situations in the prison yard. However, just any regular hand gloves will not be able to provide the ultimate protection you desire.

The ability to feel objects without hindrance during the routine search is also an important function to consider before purchasing a duty glove. This way you can conveniently perform your duties feeling every inch of the object of search without fearing a needle or sharp objects suddenly piercing your skin. 

It is very important that you do not overlook the durability of the cut-resistant duty gloves as you enjoy the comfort and protection delivered by them. You have to ensure the gear comes with increased durability to prolong the life span of the gloves.


Remember to protect and secure your life as you serve the country and perform your duties properly with these accessories providing protection and support 24/7. I believe with the aid of this article. Identifying quality gears and accessories for your comfort and safety has now been made easy.

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