Fun Things to do in NYC While Social Distancing

Just four months ago NYC was swarming with people and nobody could tell that in less than a month everything would change. The coronavirus is now part of our reality and we are starting to accept that this is what our lives will look like for a certain period of time.

The whole world is trying to prevent the virus from spreading and so far the best advice the officials can give us is to practice social distancing. That means staying at home and not going out unless absolutely necessary. But, that shouldn’t stop us from being socially active and enjoying the NYC lifestyle that we are used to.

That’s why we have prepared the list of fun things to do in NYC while social distancing.

Spend some time with your family

Granted, this might not be the most original idea for spending your days during the coronavirus pandemic, but when was the last time you could dedicate weeks to your family before this? Even though the circumstances that are bringing us together are not so great, we should cherish the time we now get to spend with those we love the most.

Luckily, there are so many online and offline activities for the whole family to spend quality time together. Here are just some of the ideas:

  • Going through some old family photos and maybe even scrapbooking;
  • Board games – You probably have some at home, but there are also so many to be found online;
  • Rearranging your place – It is spring cleaning time and, even though that might not be the most interesting thing to do after you find someone who can help declutter your space, you will be able to try some new layouts for your living room, terrace or any other corner of your home;
  • Playing with kids – parents are usually too busy to be playing with children for as long as they would like to, but now we have all the time in the world to devote to our little ones in NYC while social distancing. Building castles out of legos, playing with playdough, fingerpainting – why not?
  • Doing some cooking – teach your family members how to cook your special dishes and ask them to teach you theirs. You can even organize a cooking competition or a challenge to make things more interesting.

Parents playing with their child

Visit museums and galleries

Thanks to the technology we have nowadays, we are able to experience the best of NYC while staying in our homes and comfortably nestling into a pile of cushions on our couch. Whether you are interested in exhibitions or live events, you are still able to attend your favorite places, but you will have to do it virtually. Isn’t that amazing?

Most museums and galleries have prepared some special programs that they offer free of charge, so this is the perfect opportunity to get to know some spheres of culture you weren’t able to see before. Some of them also have digital tours for children which is great for parents who would like to get their kids acquainted with art and culture.

For this type of entertainment, you should simply visit the official website of the museum or gallery you would like to visit and see what they offer. You can also check their YouTube channel or follow their activities on social media.

Visit other attractions NYC is famous for

Even New Yorkers who were born and raised in the city cannot say that they know it by heart. There are always some new attractions popping up all over the place. You probably have your list of those you would like to visit, so why not do it now, from your living room?

The great thing is that you can explore Central Park, walk along Brooklyn Bridge, or visit the Empire State building even if you live far away from NYC. Maybe these tours will be the trigger for you to call Movers 101 and book your relocation to the Big Apple as soon as things get back to normal!

Brooklyn Bridge

Go to Broadway and other theatres

Virtual theatre shows are now available and some of the theatres are offering them for free, while for others you will still have to get a ticket, but the good news is that there is no waiting list since the number of viewers is unlimited. Plus, you will not have to use public transportation to get there!

Keep your body in shape

Even though we should practice social distancing, we can still go outside and be physically active. Jogging in any of the NYC parks is still allowed as long as you do not get too close to other people running or exercising.

After all, it is springtime and it would be such a waste not to go outside and breathe in some fresh air. The doctors advise us to do that since it is not only beneficial for our physical health, but for our psychological health as well.

If you have a dog, there’s your excuse to go out and enjoy some nice weather! People with pets are usually a bit more active than others. That’s one of the benefits of owning a pet.

If you still prefer to stay in until the pandemic is over, you can try out any of the hundreds of online fitness classes. Many gyms and fitness studios have opened their doors to their virtual spaces and are offering us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work out with famous trainers, sportsmen, and sportswomen.

We are all eating a bit too much these days, so if we want to be able to get in those pre-pandemic clothes, we might have to build muscles and lose fat!

A woman working out to illustrate her way of being entertained in NYC while social distancing

Other fun things to do in NYC while social distancing

There are so many other ways to keep yourself entertained in NYC while social distancing, but those are pretty much the same in other parts of the country.

Social networking, TV show binge-watching, virtual partying, and watching stars’ performances are just some of the ideas that come to mind. You should do whatever you feel like as long as you respect the rules of social distancing. Stay at home and stay safe!

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