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Eight Easy to Follow Weight Loss Tips – Beyond ‘Diet’ And ‘Exercise’

With the multitude of fad diets and fitness routines that claim to help you shed extra weight, it is a challenge to pick the ones that work for you.

Given below are a few tips that would help to hold the unwanted pounds at bay as well as develop sound and healthy weight loss habits for life.

Eight Easy to Follow Weight Loss Tips – Beyond ‘Diet’ And ‘Exercise’

1. Choose Smaller Portions

It is recommended that you always choose the smallest portions whether you eat home or out. Most of us have the tendency to eat even after feeling full.

This habit contributes to the easy accumulation of extra calories that translate into fat and weight gain. It is a healthier alternative to eat different types of food if we are still hungry after eating less. It also helps us to enjoy a wider range of tastes when we do so.

2. Eat Straight-Cut or Fatter Chips

In case you have a compelling need to eat chips go for straight-cut and fatter chips. It is interesting to note that thin crinkled chips hold more fat in the folds than plain chips that are straight cut.

Fat, without any doubt, makes food tastier, but less fat consumption definitely means less weight gained.

3. Snack on Nuts

Try to avoid snacking, but if you feel a compelling need to do so, go for a handful of the unsalted assortment of nuts instead of chocolates or other fat-rich alternatives.

Eating a mixed bag of nuts ensures that you also end up eating those nuts that you normally don’t. Most of them are proven to be great antioxidants as well.

Though some nuts are high in calories, the fact that they contain is often of the ‘good type’ that our bodies require in becoming healthier.

4. Carry a Bottle of Water with You

Develop the habit of carrying a bottle of water whenever you go out. There are three distinct advantages of doing this.

Firstly, it helps to keep you sufficiently hydrated.

Secondly, you will not reach out for the sugared carbonated drinks that have an excess of empty calories.

The third advantage is that many a time we tend to mistake hunger for the thirst we feel and end up consuming extra unwanted calories. When we are sufficiently hydrated, we also tend to eat less during a meal.

5. Join a Gym

Enroll in a gym or hire a personal fitness trainer, along with a friend.

This gives you many advantages.

The best advantage is that you are not alone and you will feel more motivated when working out with a buddy. It is easier to get used to the new environment with a friend around.

Another advantage is that you may get a discount for the gym fee as most of the gyms offer discounts for two.

However, ensure that both of you are committed to exercising regularly and do not miss out on the exercise sessions when one of you is unable to attend the gym. By this time, you may also have found new friends at the gym to work out with.

6. Choose Lighter Options at Restaurants

When you eat out at restaurants go for lighter options.

In the first place, inquire to find out if they serve lighter choices because many restaurants now offer low-fat and low-carb menus.

When going through a restaurant menu, it is a good idea to ask yourself if a lighter choice would make a healthier choice. For example, foods that are steamed, boiled or poached are better than deeply fried alternatives, every time.

7. Weight Loss Contest

It is a good idea to participate in a weight loss contest or a challenge. Some great ideas are finding a friend who also wants to shed pounds or setting a 12-week weight-loss goal.

Competing with another person can keep you motivated and stay on course without losing sight of the final result.

Many weight loss forums have ongoing weight-reduction challenges that you can be a part of. You can sign up for free in any of these forums to become a member.

8. Walk

Choose to take a walk for half an hour every day. This will definitely be a healthier alternative than watching TV for the same amount of time.

Many people believe that watching TV is a good way to unwind after a day of hard work.

Exercising their bodies at this point in time may be the last thing that they want to do then.

However, if you can compel yourself to go for walk instead of sliding down into a couch to watch TV, it would do you a world of good: help to relax your body, clear your mind and give you a good night’s sleep.

It is a great idea to find a partner, be it your friend, child or your dog.

Hope you found the best Weight Loss Tips to reduce extra pound. Share your story of weight loss story with us in comment section below!

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